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Circortito is a street theater company, formed in 2006 by Sarini (Sara Alvarez ,Vitoria-Gasteiz) and Dieguete (Diego Bruzzone, Buenos Aires).

Sarini: an outstanding trapezist and acrobat who will amaze you with her skills and abilities.

Dieguete: a crazy and funny humorist who, in a second, will take you from the absurd to the sentimental.

Premiered their first show in the theater of Villa Gesell (Argentina), following their career through the walkig street in the same city.

lately they've been acting with the play "The Good ... ... come in small packages" in various towns and cities within their festivals ... (Basauri, Aviles, Vallecas, Tafalla, Berantevilla Villa Gesell ... plus, Tigre, Buenos Aires , Mar del Plata in Argentina ...)